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Welcome to RTP Consulting

Close your eyes and dream of living the relaxed beach lifestyle, or exploring the great outdoors. Does the lively hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city appeal to you?

We can make it happen and fast!

Any dream of living and working abroad might have been extinguished by all the red tape and processing times - visas can take years to be arranged and then there is no guarantee of a job!

RTP Consultingcan help you!

We arrange visas and employment in most cases between 3 to 6 months! That means you can move quickly and with the peace of mind of having a new job contract for 2-6 years! In most instances you will be eligible for an extension of your employment contract and permanent residence.

RTP Consultingis a dynamic, fast growing International Recruitment Agency.

Recruitment & Immigration Consultancy.
We aim to provide our clients with a seamless recruitment and immigration service. As part of our network we have Immigration Lawyers and Consultants to provide a quality service.

Our clients measure us by the efficiency we deliver in successfully recruiting the right people in a timely manner at the best value while complying with legal requirements to employ locally or internationally. Our services include online recruitment, newspapers, magazines and other targeted media as well as relationships with other recruitment agencies. We also present to specific graduate colleges.RTP Consultingworks closely with communities in advising of opportunities locally and abroad.

Crossing Geographical Borders.
We enable our client's access to local and international candidates, facilitating the necessary documentation. RTP Consulting ensures total compliance with all legal conditions to employ international workers. Our experienced recruitment specialists are adept at matching qualified local and international employees to positions in economies experiencing talent shortages and key skills gaps.