Are you finding it difficult to find skilled workers?

We have huge database of skilled job-seekers looking for employment in the UK. Once we know your requirements we can match them with those candidates with the necessary skills and fill those vacancies fast.

To add your vacancies to our database just complete our Vacancy form and we will start the matching process immediately. 

In most respects employing staff from EU accession countries is no different to employing staff from the UK.

However you should be aware of your obligations under the Worker Registration Scheme. It is your responsibility to ensure that your employees make an application to the Worker Registration Scheme within one month of starting work. There is a potential liability to you of £5000 if you fail to do so.

Please read the page on Workers Registration Scheme

Please ensure that you keep a photocopy of the employees ID or passport and a photocopy of the application to the Worker registration scheme in your records.