What does it cost?

We offer three different options to potential clients

  1. The first method is a one of finders fee based on an employees annual salary.
    This option is proving to be the least popular as it entails your business paying a capital sum within seven days of recruitment, which although modest, is all very well if the employee remains with you, but not if they choose to leave after a short while.

  2. The second option is that the individuals are contracted to your company on and on going basis.
    Staff remain the employees of RTP Consulting  for which there is an ongoing fee based on the individuals salary package, or hourly rate. Although this is an excellent way to recruit staff for hard to fill vacancies, in the long term, it is more costly to your company although it remains a popular option.

  3. The final option is a combination of options 1 & 2, Staff commence employment with you as employees of RTP Consulting  but at the 13 week point your business agrees to employ the individual directly this is generally called Temp to Perm.
    This option is by far the most popular method and offers you the opportunity to test the model and then after 13 weeks commit to permanent employment of  staff.