About Us

RTP Consulting is not just another recruitment agency, we specialise in recruiting hard to fill vacancies in skill shortage areas, by bringing labour from Eastern Europe, plus!!!! We have ten years experience in the East European labour market..

As part of our commitment to our clients and our recruits, we ensure that every recruit is not only selected, based on competence, but also attends a mandatory English course including , Health & Safety & Job role specific training, this course is hosted by a well known partner company called Studyxpress.

Studyxpress specialise in vocational training and hold major contracts with government agencies, as well as delivering bespoke training programmes for individual companies.

We are proud that we operate in association with Studyxpress, as both organisations uphold values such as honesty and integrity, these values combined with our unique and professional joint partnership to recruitment and training solutions is proving to be in demand by more and more clients.

Time and time again employers who are experiencing skill shortages have said they would employ Eastern Europeans, if only they could be sure effectively managing them.